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I love mornings. It is my spiritual time. Time I spend contemplating how I live out my day. For instance, last Sunday, as I was getting ready for church, I was inspired to consider what the most important job I have is in this life. I came up with a pretty simple answer.  I need to equip my family with values to live by. These values are found in the Bible. In doing this, should something happen to me, they will know where to find the answers for living their lives in relationship with the only one who loves them more than myself.

I am certainly not perfect, but that is true of all of us. However, that should not stop us from trying our hardest to be Christ-like in the way we carry out our activities. Building a relationship with God, through his word, gives us the power to experience life abundantly. No matter what storms we encounter, Jesus will see us through when we become one with him. The storms will come. Where will you place your confidence? Where will you lead your family and friends so that they can find peace in times of trouble?

Ethics in Leadership